What We Do

Our clients are families, business owners, hard-working employees from many industries, and retirees. While we serve a wide variety of people, our clients all have one thing in common, they are in need of good financial advice and are willing to delegate. They are goal-driven. They understand that finding a professional they can trust will give them their time back. That's where we come in!

3 Ways We Can Work Together

1) Create a Financial Plan

It starts with a financial plan. This is the part where we organize your financial life and bring immediate clarity to your situation. This is one of the most enlightening aspects of our process.

The planning process can happen at any point in life. The phase of life dictates the conversations we have.

  • Accumulation phase (working years): We discuss how to target asset growth
  • Distribution phase (retirement years): We discuss how to target distribution of your assets in a tax-advantaged way
  • Estate planning (any phase): We discuss how to preserve your assets
  • Risk management (any phase): We discuss how to protect your assets
  • Business planning (if applicable): We discuss how to grow and manage your business
  • Taxation (any phase): We discuss how to minimize your tax burden

2) Manage Your Assets

By coming alongside you, understanding your long-term goals and getting to know you, we can select investments that are custom-tailored to suit your needs.

The asset management process involves understanding your risk tolerance, and performance objectives.

We aren't trying to beat the market, or even time the market. We are investing in a way that gives us the highest chance for success based on what the word "success" means to you.

We find that our asset management services are best suited for those with at least $500,000 in manageable assets. 

3) Ongoing Coaching

Our clients call us for anything finance-related, big or small.

Need to know what to do with the sale of a property? Give us a call. Let's dive in and come up with a game plan. Need to know which debt to pay off first? Give us a call. Need to know if you should buy or lease a car? We are happy to take these phone calls.

Access to your financial advisor for ongoing financial coaching is foundational to who we are as a firm.

We believe this level of service is what equips our clients to become confident financial decision-makers. 

Get Access to Our Network of Professionals

Most people with more complex financial situations like the thought of delegating their business and personal finances to a team of professionals who can work behind the scenes to manage their books and optimize their finances. When everyone is talking, the client's legal and tax obligations, accounting, bookkeeping, insurance and investments can all work in coordination. This not only creates efficiency, it can be financially advantageous to the client as the team works to optimize the entire picture.

Our network includes:

  • Attorneys
  • Bookkeepers 
  • CPAs
  • Insurance professionals
  • Senior Care Consultants

When you join Safe Port Financial, you can have access to a team of people you can trust, all working together to benefit YOU.

Our Clients

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Our Clients

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